Air-Weigh On-Board Scales

Air-Weigh onboard truck scales, trailer scales and rigid truck scales help maximize efficiency by reducing the time spent loading and check-weighing. An onboard truck or trailer scale from Air-Weigh provides drivers with accurate truck and trailer weights. Whether you are looking for an onboard full weighing solution for truck-trailers, an in-dash scale, or just a payload scale, Air-Weigh electronic truck scales provide a fast return on investment. Install Air-Weigh onboard truck and trailer scales on your equipment today and start realizing the benefits of accurate weights right at the point of loading dock.

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Why Air-Weigh?

Transportation costs continues to increase - higher fuel costs, limited drive hours, and employee turnover reduce profitability. In order to offset these costs companies seek ways to save money. Immediate ROI (return on investment) when you install onboard truck scales.  With Air-Weigh onboard truck and trailer scales, drivers can get loaded faster and more efficiently without needing to check-weigh at an in-ground scale. That means no out of route kilometers, which instantly means fuel savings.  You can load up to your maximum every time, every load while maintaining road law compliance.  COR (chain of responsibility) obligations are more easily met with onboard truck scales.  Having each individual axle group on the truck within the jurisdiction tolerances, delivering not only compliance but also absolute peace of mind.  Safety, ROI, COR and helping the environment with onboard truck and trailer scales.  As a result, companies realize more profit per trip without jeopardizing safety or excessive wear on equipment.  Air-weigh also offers peace of mind with a limited 3-year warranty on its products.